3792 Will to believe.... right prayer.... work of love....

June 6, 1946: Book 48

All you little children who are weak in faith, commend yourselves in the spirit of My grace.... if you pray, ask Me to strengthen your faith. And your prayer will be answered. For if you ask, it will be given to you, if you call upon Me in spirit and in truth, you will receive what you need spiritually and also what your body needs for its preservation. And your faith will be strengthened because you are willing to believe and express this through your prayer. And a strong faith will make you free and happy, earthly adversity will not oppress you to the same extent as it does the faithless, because the strength of faith flows through you and makes you resistant to all adversity. I strengthen a weak faith, I revive a dead faith, and I can awaken faith in a faithless person, yet your devotion to Me must always precede it, the prayer to Me must ascend or a thought deeply felt in the heart expresses the desire for true faith, then I will become active and provide for the person according to his desire. And therefore everyone will be able to believe if only he is of serious will. He will be able to believe as soon as he lets his intellect and heart become active, as soon as he lets his feelings have their say and does not just listen to the expression of the intellect alone. If the human being wants to believe, then his heart will be moved by feelings which he should then pay attention to.... In a kind of weakness he will feel the need to lean on a strong Power, and he should comply with this feeling, he should give himself to this Power, which he feels involuntarily, which only wants to be acknowledged a little in order to take hold of the human being and never ever let him go. But the will must come from the human being himself.... And the human being will become faithful with My help, his initially weak faith will be strengthened, it will come alive as soon as the human being performs works of love, for then it will be easy for him to believe because he is already united with Me through love and can no longer reject Me.... Therefore, if you are weak in faith, practise love.... increase your activity of love and your strength of faith will grow, for the power of love is expressed in increased faith.... Awaken faith to life through works of love, and never again will you need to complain about weakness of faith, but your faith will become firm and unshakeable the more you fulfil My commandment of love.... And pray.... remain intimately united with Me through prayer, through thinking turned towards Me, so that I may take hold of you and never ever leave you out.... Pray your will and yourselves entirely to Me, and I will give you physical and spiritual consideration as is good for your soul....


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