Friends of Bertha Duddes documents have bundled thematically matching proclamations into themebooklets. Every themebook contains a selection of proclamations matching the themebooks topic. Theme booklets after number 70 were assembled by Hans-Willi Schmitz.

Book Title Download
1 Who Was Bertha Dudde?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
2 God is still speaking Today  ePub  Kindle  PDF
3 The Question of God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
4 The Christ-Problem  ePub  Kindle  PDF
5 The Mystery of Man  ePub  Kindle  PDF
6 God's Plan of Salvation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
7 Love - The Highest Commandment  ePub  Kindle  PDF
8 You - between two Worlds Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
9 You - between two Worlds Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
10 God answers our Questions about the Universe  ePub  Kindle  PDF
11 Souls In The Beyond Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
12 Souls In The Beyond Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
13 Souls In The Beyond Part 3  ePub  Kindle  PDF
14 Why must I suffer?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
15 How can I become healthy?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
16 False Prophets  ePub  Kindle  PDF
17 God and the Churches  ePub  Kindle  PDF
18 God and the Churches  ePub  Kindle  PDF
19 The Church of Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
20 Incarnation - Re-Incarnation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
21 The Inner Voice  ePub  Kindle  PDF
22 The Right Kind of Prayer  ePub  Kindle  PDF
23 Pre-Adamites  ePub  Kindle  PDF
24 Adam  ePub  Kindle  PDF
25 Intellect - Knowledge - Realisation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
26 Thinking ability and Thoughts  ePub  Kindle  PDF
27 Freedom of Will Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
28 Freedom of Will Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
29 Belief - Disbelief - Superstition  ePub  Kindle  PDF
30 Body - Soul - Spirit  ePub  Kindle  PDF
31 Self - denial Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
32 Self - denial Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
33 Spiritual Rebirth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
34 Childship to God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
35 The Origin of Evil  ePub  Kindle  PDF
36 God's Intervention  ePub  Kindle  PDF
37 Sequence of the Catastrophe  ePub  Kindle  PDF
38 The Battle of Faith  ePub  Kindle  PDF
39 The Forerunner of Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
40 The Antichrist  ePub  Kindle  PDF
41 The Return of Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
42 The Rapture  ePub  Kindle  PDF
43 The Transformation of Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
44 New Banishment  ePub  Kindle  PDF
45 The New Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
46 For Endtime-Disciples Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
47 For Endtime-Disciples Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
48 For Endtime-Disciples Part 3  ePub  Kindle  PDF
49 Signs of the Last Days  ePub  Kindle  PDF
50 Have the Last Days begun?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
51 Thus it will come to pass  ePub  Kindle  PDF
52 God's Proclamation to the Dying World  ePub  Kindle  PDF
53 The True Home  ePub  Kindle  PDF
54 The Good Shepherd  ePub  Kindle  PDF
55 Fatherly Words of Love  ePub  Kindle  PDF
56 ‘You truly have a Father!’  ePub  Kindle  PDF
57 God Gives His Grace to the Humble  ePub  Kindle  PDF
58 God corrects misguided teachings and errors Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
59 God corrects misguided teachings and errors Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
60 God corrects misguided teachings and errors Part 3  ePub  Kindle  PDF
61 God corrects misguided teachings and errors Part 4  ePub  Kindle  PDF
62 God corrects misguided teachings and errors Part 5  ePub  Kindle  PDF
63 A Light Came To Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
64 Listen to your Inner Voice Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
65 Listen to your Inner Voice Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
66 Jesus' Promises: 'The measure you give will be the measure you receive'  ePub  Kindle  PDF
67 The Adversary's Cunning and Trickery  ePub  Kindle  PDF
68 No one can redeem himself - Redemption only by Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
69 Fateful Course of Life  ePub  Kindle  PDF
70/1 Return to God Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
70/2 Return to God Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/1 Jesus Says.... "Your Faith Has Saved You!"  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/2 Jesus Says.... "Unless You Become Like Little Children!"  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/3 Jesus Says.... "Watch And Pray!“  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/4 Jesus Says.... "Come To Me!“  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/5 Jesus Says.... "Don’t Be Afraid, Only Believe!“  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/6 Jesus Says.... "Be Active In Love!“  ePub  Kindle  PDF
71/7 Jesus Says.... "Become Perfect“  ePub  Kindle  PDF
72 Let Guide You!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
73/1 Admonitions And Warnings Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
73/2 Admonitions And Warnings Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
73/3 Admonitions And Warnings Part 3  ePub  Kindle  PDF
73/4 Admonitions And Warnings Part 4  ePub  Kindle  PDF
74 The Lord's Prayer  ePub  Kindle  PDF
75 Intimate Connection With Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
76 Jesus Christ Is The Way, The Truth And The Life  ePub  Kindle  PDF
77 The Ten Commandments  ePub  Kindle  PDF
78 On The Nature Of God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
79 The Spiritual Primal Creation – The Fall Of Lucifer And The Original Spirits  ePub  Kindle  PDF
80 Predictions – Spiritual Decline And World Conflagration  ePub  Kindle  PDF
81 Jesus Christ As Man And As God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
82 The Beatitudes  ePub  Kindle  PDF
83 What Is The Meaning And Purpose Of Life On Earth?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
84 The Return Of Salvation And God'S Plan  ePub  Kindle  PDF
85 Jesus Christ Is The Light Of The World  ePub  Kindle  PDF
86 Redemption Periods - Time And Space – Eternity  ePub  Kindle  PDF
87 Predictions – Catastrophes And Accidents  ePub  Kindle  PDF
88 Beyond Helpers  ePub  Kindle  PDF
89 The Stars  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/1 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – The Conditions For Calling And Election  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/2 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – God As A Teacher  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/3 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Preparation And Cooperation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/4 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Mission To Spread Word  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/5 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Spreading The Truth - The Fight Against Lies And Errors  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/6 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Disclosure Of Prophecies – Preparation For The Period After The Intervention Of God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/7 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Assist And Strengthen Faith For The Mission After The Intervention Of God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/8 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Fight With The Sword Of The Mouth - Open Confession To Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
90/9 Workers In The Vineyard Of Jesus – Keep Standing And Wait Out!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
91 Trust In Jesus Christ!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
92 The Emergence And Transformation Of The Material Creation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
93 Jesus Christ Is The Good Shepherd  ePub  Kindle  PDF
94 The Spirit Of God'S Work  ePub  Kindle  PDF
95 Spiritualism  ePub  Kindle  PDF
96 Pay Attention To The Signs Of The Time!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
97 Sun - Moon - Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
98 Predictions – Cosmic Changes  ePub  Kindle  PDF
99 Jesus Christ’s Work Of Redemption  ePub  Kindle  PDF
100 The Upward Trend In The Creations  ePub  Kindle  PDF
101 Jesus Christ Is The Door To Life  ePub  Kindle  PDF
102 Correcting An Error About Speaking In Tongues  ePub  Kindle  PDF
103 Obsession  ePub  Kindle  PDF
104 Sin And Forgiveness Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
105 Sin And Forgiveness Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
106 The Immortality Of The Soul  ePub  Kindle  PDF
107 The Survival Of The Soul After Death  ePub  Kindle  PDF
108 Sensual Love - Marriage – Responsibility  ePub  Kindle  PDF
109 Predictions – Earthmoving Natural Disaster  ePub  Kindle  PDF
110 Jesus Christ Is The Love  ePub  Kindle  PDF
111 Divine Grace  ePub  Kindle  PDF
112 Lucifer – His Case - His Work - His Return  ePub  Kindle  PDF
113 Illness And Suffering  ePub  Kindle  PDF
114 Father, Thy Will Be Done!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
115 Father, Thy Will Be Done!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
116 Correction Of Errors On Eternal Damnation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
117 Make Use Of The Power Of Pray  ePub  Kindle  PDF
118 The Power Of The Loving Intercession  ePub  Kindle  PDF
119 Trinity  ePub  Kindle  PDF
120 Jesus Christ Comforts You!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
121 Predictions –Time Of Distress And Tribulation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
122 The Future Becomes The Present  ePub  Kindle  PDF
123 Misleading Doctrine Of Reincarnation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
124 Spiritual Emergency  ePub  Kindle  PDF
125 Let Go The Material World!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
126 Test All Things And Keep What Is Best Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
127 Test All Things And Keep What Is Best Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
128 We Are Only Guests On This Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
129 Predictions – The Battle Against Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
130 Jesus Christ Knocking At Your Door!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
131 Why Does God Allow This?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
132 Father God'S Endless Love  ePub  Kindle  PDF
133 Risk Of Self-Love And Lack Of Love  ePub  Kindle  PDF
134 Love To God  ePub  Kindle  PDF
135 Faith In God In Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
136 Unselfish Charity  ePub  Kindle  PDF
137 Work Of Love In The Beyond  ePub  Kindle  PDF
138 Predictions – The Last Judgment  ePub  Kindle  PDF
139 Jesus' Promises - "I Am With You Always!"  ePub  Kindle  PDF
140 Go The Way Of Cross Of Love!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
141 Predictions – Total Transformation Of The Earthly Creations - Creating Of A New Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
142 Where Do I Come From? What Is My Duty On Earth? Where Do I Go?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
143 Acquiring The Virtues  ePub  Kindle  PDF
144 Calm Before The Storm  ePub  Kindle  PDF
145 Jesus' Promises - "Earthly Care And Eternal Life"  ePub  Kindle  PDF
146 The Voice Of Conscience - The Silent Warning Voice Within You  ePub  Kindle  PDF
147 Recognizing Jesus As The Son Of God And Redeemer Of The World  ePub  Kindle  PDF
148 The Purpose Of Creation  ePub  Kindle  PDF
149 Jesus' Promises - "I Will Come Like A Thief In The Night"  ePub  Kindle  PDF
150 Form Christians - Living Christians  ePub  Kindle  PDF
151 O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
152 Jesus Christ  ePub  Kindle  PDF
153 Secure In God'S Fatherly Hand  ePub  Kindle  PDF
154 Great Events Are Often Foreshadowed  ePub  Kindle  PDF
155 Save Your Soul!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
156 See You In The Beyond  ePub  Kindle  PDF
157 Gospel Of Love  ePub  Kindle  PDF
158 Promises Of Jesus - “Who Appreciates Me In The World”  ePub  Kindle  PDF
159 God Sent His Son To Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
160 Seriously Will  ePub  Kindle  PDF
161 Peace, The Good Will  ePub  Kindle  PDF
162 End Time Part 1 And 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
163 Open Up Your Heart!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
164 Jesus Promises - "He Who Believes In Me Will Live Forever!"  ePub  Kindle  PDF
165 Conversion Back To Love  ePub  Kindle  PDF
166 Conscious Soul Work  ePub  Kindle  PDF
167 Confidential Commune With The Father  ePub  Kindle  PDF
168 Hell Has Opened Its Doors - The Work Of The Enemy In The End Time  ePub  Kindle  PDF
169 Go The Way To The Cross Of Christ!  ePub  Kindle  PDF
170 The Purpose Of Suffering  ePub  Kindle  PDF
171 God'S Presence In You  ePub  Kindle  PDF
E01 God Himself Beams The Truth to Earth  ePub  Kindle  PDF
E02 I Will Guide You Into Truth Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
E03 I Will Guide You Into Truth Part 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF
E04 I Will Guide You Into Truth Part 3  ePub  Kindle  PDF
E05 Living And Preaching The Gospel Of Love Part 1  ePub  Kindle  PDF
S1 Explanation, Comfort And Help For Difficult Days  ePub  Kindle  PDF
S2 What Is Imminent To Humanity?  ePub  Kindle  PDF
S3 Information For Dissemination Words  ePub  Kindle  PDF
S4 Information For Dissemination Words 2  ePub  Kindle  PDF