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2558 Creation - power receiver....

November 23, 1942: Book 33

Nothing is too small for the eternal divinity than that it does not pay attention to it or does not let the power flow towards it; and nothing could do without this power out of God. And that is why everything must be in connection with the original source of power, with God. A constant redirection and supply of power out of God to everything what he has created must take place. What has been created must continuously receive divine power because otherwise it would cease to be. Only under this precondition what is created by God remains, and only under this precondition the work of the divine creator is to be considered when it is to be recognized as his work. For His love and wisdom gave everything created a purpose and a goal. To reach the aim it must fulfil its purpose, and to this belongs a power.... change of power must take place because nothing has the same purpose but the purposes assigned to the creations are so numerous and different that also different power currents make these purposes possible and so a perpetual change comes about, therefore the perpetual becoming and passing away is explainable insofar as that the creations only then fulfil another purpose or carry out another activity when they have changed. And that is why not the most tiny creation remains without power supply out of God, and this power supply results in a general change, because the power out of God lets nothing remain inactive, but brings forth a constant change. And that is why also the connection of God as the creating power with his smallest work of creation is not allowed to be denied, otherwise these creations would either not exist or also remain unchanged for ever, when always and constantly the same power supply of these creations would be part, therefore the power necessary for emergence would not be increased in itself. Power out of God must absolutely stimulate to activity, therefore have a life-awakening effect, so that therefore the work of creation can only then pass away when God withdraws his power from it, because then all activity stops, therefore a state of death sets in. But something dead does not exist in the universe, in divine creation, because everything is power receiver. Consequently everything must change in itself, even if in different length of time.... God seizes everything with his power; he leaves nothing out; nothing is too small for him; because everything what is, is out of him and can never ever lose the connection with him. It can only erroneously assume this and adjust itself in a stage of development rejecting power so that it cannot flow towards it in the measure available to it. But it is always flooded through by the life power, which also flows towards it without its will to receive, because this life power is original cause of all creation; it is the power out of God, which conditions every being.... .


(This translation was created by an „artificial intelligence“ using the original documents ‘Word of God’ received through the ‘Inner Word’ by Bertha Dudde.)

Translated by: DeepL

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