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7980 God's strength can also grant physical recovery....

Aug/31/1961: Book 83

You are truly offered something precious when I talk to you directly, and you will always be able to draw strength by just consciously opening yourselves to My emanation of love if you want to receive the ray of strength from Me, if you desire to be filled with strength from Me.... if you want your hunger and thirst to be stilled by the nourishment you receive from Me Myself. However, you are as yet unable to recognise the real value of My gifts of grace.... even though you willingly listen to Me, even though you belong to those who want to be nourished and have their thirst quenched by Me. Were you able to assess My greater than great love for you which constantly wants to make you happy and grant you gifts, you would also know that I only offer you gifts which have an extremely helpful effect on you.... you would know that I only offer you what will help you to attain perfection, to fully mature your souls, and you would only ever want that My gifts of love for you will not be limited. You would consciously open yourselves at any time in order to receive My gifts of grace, and you would become aware of an abundance of strength constantly flowing to you if only you have the will to receive it. You merely require profound faith in order to also become physically healthy through the strength of My Word....

But you do not possess this strong faith as yet and thus you must only ever strive to raise your degree of love.... When you are entirely permeated by love then you will only have space in your heart for My strength of love, then everything else will be pushed away and you will be so close to Me that you will feel My presence which will also let you become aware of the flow of strength.... And then your body and soul will recover.... Open yourselves again and again to the strength of love from Me.... keep turning your thoughts to Me and establish the connection with Me which facilitates an influx of My strength of love in you.... and know that you receive the evidence of My presence when I can speak to you. And don't undo this bond again but let it become increasingly more tender and, truly, you will feel it yourselves and no longer need to fear that you will lack strength.... Just believe, and I will not let your faith be destroyed.... open your heart and accept Me in it, and My presence will make you aware of the strength that pours into you, you will hear My Word and recognise it as an incredible gift of grace.... You will distinctly feel the strength of My Word, you will psychologically mature, and this raised state of maturity will also express itself in an increasingly stronger faith, and a strong faith can achieve anything, it can also help the body to get healthy because nothing is impossible for someone who believes in Me, in My love and in My might....


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