About Bertha Dudde

Jesus Christ says "I am the way, the truth and the life". The way we humans should take is the way of love which was exemplified by Jesus Christ and which leads to eternal life in His presence. The truth we should know is given to us through the Word of God, that God Himself in Jesus Christ imparted to us through his disciples and through His present-day messengers. He says Himself 'I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; and servants and handmaidens shall prophesy'


One of these present-day servants and handmaidens is Bertha Dudde, through whom God 'pours out His Spirit', that is, through whom we receive His Word in its purest form in order to recognise the meaning and purpose of earthly life and His plan of Salvation. It is now our wish to share and distribute the "Word of God" received through Bertha Dudde. For this reason we are making the transcripts of the individual messages available to you for reading and to inform you where you can order copies of the texts.


These texts have been printed in book-format since 1993 with the help of many friends and were passed on to everyone who is interested. Over the years they have demonstrated that people following the way of Christ have found them particularly helpful. But it also becomes evident that it is not a feasible path without the Commandments of Love given to us by Jesus Christ.


Because we are only able to understand His language if we live a life of love. With the two volumes 'Return to God' we offer you a small overview of the complete works. After that, anyone who sincerely would like to take the path of return should let himself be guided by the messages in the books that were given to us by the Father through Bertha Dudde.

Who are we?

Wilhelm Wegers

Mentor, in memoriam

Founder of Bertha-Dudde.org, mentor and friend. He died on 15th March 2015 following a short and difficult illness.

Hans-Willi Schmitz

Print, Distribution, Coordination

Responsible for print, distribution and creation of theme booklets

Markus Stenzel

Editorial staff, programmer, e-books

Technical contact for acquisition of e-books and audio books.

Many friends


Without the help of many friends a project of this magnitude would be unthinkable. Thank you very much for the long-term support.

Multi language

With the generous help of many friends we managed to translate the documents into many different languages. It is our goal to provide the "Word of God" in as many different languages and formats as possible. If you happen to be a proficient native speaker of a foreign language we would be grateful for your help.

We are complete

Next to the offers you can find on this website we also have artificially recorded Proclamations in mp3-format, DRM-free e-books in ePub and Kindle format along with a (no longer supported) Windows-software for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 to 10 with integrated full text search which works even without an internet connection.

Languages available

We are offering proclamations in the following languages (more languages are in the making):