7029 The light of knowledge can only come from God....

January 31, 1958: Book 75

Only from above will you receive a light, but from the depths only darkness will touch you.... And thus you can also easily check whether spiritual knowledge flows to you from above or from deep regions, whether you receive clear knowledge or you get into confused thinking, whether the correlations are clearly apparent to you or you are only plunged from one question into another.... Light is cognition, clear knowledge, enlightenment about things that were hitherto in the dark for you. But if spiritual knowledge is conveyed to you from the abyss then you will move in perpetual obscurity, it will be impossible for you to find a connection and you will always become more confused in your thinking. For every erroneous train of thought ends in a dead end, you will find no way out, no clarification, no answer which satisfies you if you seriously want to receive such.... while the light from above shines into every dark corner and there is nothing which the light cannot penetrate.... The human being will receive a clear picture of all spiritual correlations, of God Himself and His creation, of His plan of salvation, His reign and activity.... But such light can only come to him from where it has its origin.... from the original light from eternity.... But anyone who is introduced to such knowledge will solve all problems, all riddles; he will be able to understand and also speak intelligibly to his fellow human being if he also seriously desires clarification. But what originates in the depths can never satisfy a truth-loving person because it always brings more confusion and appears to a thinking person as utter nonsense. And therefore it is certainly possible to test spiritual knowledge as to its origin, however, only for the one who tests with the desire for truth.... Anyone who does not have this desire for truth will not accept any light either, because his attitude creates a dense cover around him which does not allow any ray of light to pass through. But the light is there, it shines brightly and radiantly so that these rays also attract others, only it does not forcibly break through where it encounters resistance. But every resistance is abandoned as soon as the human being turns to God before a test and asks for enlightenment of his spirit, for right thinking.... Then the rays of light will touch him with all their strength.... Knowledge will open up to him which can only be imparted to him from God. And this knowledge will fill him with emotion and inwardly urge him to pass it on. And then there will be no more doubts for him, there will be no unresolved questions, for as soon as just one question arises it will also be clearly answered for him.... mentally or through direct address or also through attention in an indirect way.... The human being has to get in touch with 'above'.... he cannot expect that a light can shine for him from the depths, and he must assume that earth or fellow human beings are still in the realm of the depths, which is why he is compelled to make a serious examination, as well as spiritual knowledge is conveyed to him in the usual way.... For people can err, and they also err if they have not first made contact with God, if they have not likewise requested their knowledge from 'above' and allowed the light from above to flow into them. But God does not err, and the transmission of His word through the spirit will also give people full light, so that the secrets of creation will also be revealed to them and every event, every experience, will become understandable to them, so that they will also recognize their purpose of existence and their own relationship to God. Anyone who is once enlightened about this will no longer walk in darkness, and he will now walk his path through life consciously, he will strive towards the aim set for him and he will know that he is taking the right path. But if he is given spiritual knowledge which comes from the depths, then it will neither enliven nor stimulate him to conscious soul work. For he will not make sense of what could determine a creator to give life to the human being, he will constantly give himself new explanations and reasons and again and again reject them, he will not have a clear picture of God Himself and His working, instead he will have confused concepts which either make him indifferent or affect him unpleasantly, which therefore will not give him light but spread ever more darkness within him. And as long as you humans are unable to see clearly you also know that no light from above has been given to you.... no truth emanating from God in which you feel comfortable and which makes you happy. For even if you intellectually strive for enlightenment you are in a maze from which you will only find your way out if God Himself guides you.... Therefore you must call upon Him and appeal to Him for light, and then it will also shine down upon you and the truth will spread out before you as bright as the sun. And therefore examine yourselves whether the spiritual knowledge you possess gives you fullest clarity and recognition.... Test yourselves as to whether you are faced with unsolved riddles or whether you are able to recognize God's plan of salvation in every event.... Examine yourselves whether the knowledge you have been given satisfies you and whether it corresponds to the image you have in mind of a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence.... And don't believe that it is God's will that you walk in darkness. He wants to give you all light, He wants to make you happy with the pure truth, He wants you to enter the original state again when you knew everything with the greatest of light and were aware of everything.... And therefore He Himself repeatedly guides His light to earth, and anyone who allows it to flow into him will also turn ever more towards the light of eternity, he will strive for unification with Him and thus also enter the original state again, in which he is blissfully happy and will remain forever....


Translated by: Doris Boekers

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