4638 Prayer bridge to God.... thoughts bridge to the spiritual realm....

May 13, 1949: Book 53

The bridge to Me is prayer, the bridge to the spiritual kingdom is the thoughts which grant the beings of light the right to connect with you. Enter this bridge often, come to Me and hold intimate dialogue with Me, entrust all your needs and worries to Me, and thus make Me your confidant, your friend and brother Who wants to share everything, joy and sorrow, with you, and you will soon reduce the gulf between yourselves and Me because you always know a path which leads to Me, because you have found the bridge which removes every separation between Me and you. And likewise seek to reach the spiritual kingdom by letting your thoughts wander to where your true home is, where your soul shall once dwell when it relinquishes its earthly shell and no longer lives on earth. Try to find a connection in the spiritual kingdom while you are still on earth, so that the entrance is not blocked for you, for the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom clear the way for you, they help you to find it, so that you don't go astray or lose your way in the darkness.... The inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom constantly surround you but they can only make themselves known to you if you call them in thought or give them the permission to take care of you through your will. Every spiritual thought is a call for them, an authorization to transfer their power to you and thus to help you on the way up. You now establish the connection with the kingdom, which is a completely different sphere and which you cannot reach otherwise. Thus there is a bridge from you to that kingdom which cannot be seen and reached on earth but which nevertheless exists and wants to exert its influence on you. Pray to Me and send your thoughts upwards, and your soul will leave earth and approach its home, it will strive to return to its origin, it will certainly still leave the earthly cover on earth, it will leave matter behind and rise into spiritual spheres from which it will never return empty, for it will always be considered by beings of light, it will always receive grace and strength from Me Who will meet everyone who enters the bridge to Me. I truly have no greater joy than the return of My children who were once lost to Me and who now come to Me voluntarily in order to be and remain Mine for all eternity....


Translated by: Doris Boekers

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