5128 Strengthening the will.... receiving power through the word....

May 10, 1951: Book 57

You will always need strengthening so that you can offer resistance to the one who tries to pull you down into the depths.... Your will is weakened and can only be strengthened by Me, and you should consciously request this, then you will also be able to withstand all temptations of body and soul. The adversary works with cunning and force and you are no match for his power as long as you are on your own. Then you will certainly be defeated; yet you can defend yourselves, you can triumph over satan if you obtain strength from above, if you appeal to Me for strength and receive it through My word.... Make an attempt, go into silence in the soul's distress and immerse yourselves in My word with faithful trust in Me, then you will experience My direct working in yourselves.... You will be flooded with strength and lose all fear. Then you will have become master over satan and he will no longer be able to harm you. You often have to strengthen yourselves through My word, for it is the right food and the right drink for the soul which then exerts the right influence on the body, so that the human being feels strengthened mentally and physically, so that all restlessness falls away from him, thus he is spiritually and physically strengthened through My strength.

You, who are in possession of My word from above, have no reason to complain about lack of strength, you are direct recipients of the strength from above, because My word is blessed with My strength and there need not be any lack of strength for you if only you immerse yourselves in My word and thus intimately unite with Me and thus the strength can flow over to you. My word is the spiritual emanation of My eternal love and therefore can only have a life-awakening effect; furthermore, My word is the evidence of My presence, thus this evidence must also make you strong in faith that you can overrule all resistance, that you are able to banish the one who wants to tempt you.... You will always be stronger than your tempter as long as you let My word's strength take effect in you, as long as you immerse yourselves in My word by believing in My presence and thus let Me speak to you directly.... , then all weakness will pass away, then you will be strengthened by the strength from Me which is received by you with the word and lets you become a strong being which is able to offer all resistance and withstand all temptation. For I am with you with My word and every evil power gives way to Me, including the one who is My adversary and thus your enemy and who wants to win you over by exploiting your weakness so that you will fall. But I support you, and if you hold on to Me you will never sink, no matter how shaky the ground you stand on may be....


Translated by: Doris Boekers

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