0350 Candidates for the eternal kingdom....

March 28, 1938: Book 8

The eternal kingdom is reserved for the faithful followers of the Saviour.... All those who carry the name of the Lord in their hearts will be admitted to the heavenly realms of eternal bliss.... who are faithful to His teaching on this earth and bear their cross patiently and for the sake of the Savior without grumbling. For all these, God has sacrificed Himself.... His path of suffering was not in vain, so as His earthly children followed Him, the essence of the Godhead became clear to them.... A thoughtless life is lived in vain for eternity, only the everlasting patience and longsuffering of the Lord protects the people who do not want to recognize it, from passing away quickly - and gives them hints over and over again that they should reflect on themselves and finally find the right way....

Those who are of good will, are very soon able to hear the voice of the Savior and follow His call.... but whoever turns away, errs in the darkness of the spirit for a long time until also he will once come to knowledge, here on earth or in the hereafter; but the knowledge in the hereafter is almost useless for him compared to the blessings of light, which man has already found on earth. Life without light on earth is spiritual death.... But your goal shall be eternal life.... Therefore seek God, and let His word find entrance into your hearts, so that you prepare yourselves and make yourselves worthy for the eternal kingdom....


Translated by: Alida Pretorius

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