7303 Sincere longing for unification with God....

March 10, 1959: Book 77

Take me into your heart, that is to say, sincerely long for unification with Me.... I will take care of anyone who harbours this genuine will and he will unite with Me forever because he has changed his will which once had turned away from Me, he has bonded with Me again just as he once had separated from Me. The greatest evil in the world is that people live with a certain indifference, an indifference towards Me, Whom perhaps they might still accept, but they barely know or grasp the connection with their God and Creator because they do not analyse themselves. By and large they walk their earthly path not without knowledge of Me but nevertheless without meaningful faith.... but mainly due to indifference.... except for people who clearly oppose Me.... But I mean those who are indifferent, who are the majority, who outwardly claim to believe in Me and yet hardly if ever involve themselves with Me.... They have not yet taken Me into their ‘hearts’, their will is not yet sincerely focussed on the union with Me, although they would deny this to their fellow human beings. But I know the degree of longing for Me and I want to be accepted in your hearts, I want your thoughts to involve themselves with Me so that you feel motivated to develop the close bond with Me.... so that you have that very will to unite with Me again, from Whom you once had voluntarily separated....

It is precisely this honest will which can cause a complete change of your lifestyle and your inner being, but without this honest will you cannot even achieve a minor change of attitude, since your indifference will give My opponent the welcome opportunity to step between Me and you and truly successfully exercise his influence. I cannot walk with you because your heart is not sincerely searching for Me yet and therefore I cannot keep My opponent away either when he attaches himself to you. But without Me you will not have the strength to resist him, you will only too gladly agree to his plans because he will promise you worldly goods in return.... However, if you have the sincere wish of heart that I should be close to you then your will applies to Me, and then I will be able to push him away and thus will be truly close to you.... then you will have accepted Me in your heart and walk the right path to Me. With other words, once I have taken possession of your heart you will never lose Me again in all eternity because you had truthfully desired it.

And you all should give account to yourselves of the direction of your innermost will. You all should ask yourselves what you love most on earth, whether you still prefer worldly things or whether My presence alone is so desirable that you are willing to give up everything for My sake. If you are able to do the latter you are truly on the right path and your sincere will shall be rewarded, because now you will not waste any time which you could spend in My company because your heart will increasingly long to receive Me and such longing shall always be granted. For I too long for My children and want that they will return to Me again one day, Whom they had left due to their wrongly directed will.... which they have to change again towards Me, towards their eternal Father....


Translated by: Heidi Hanna

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