8256 Truthful knowledge of redemptive work....

August 29, 1962: Book 87

As soon as Jesus Christ's act of salvation is explained to you correctly, i.e. truthfully, you will no longer persist in your will of rejection which all those people oppose the knowledge they are given about it by human beings. First people have to know why Jesus' act of salvation was necessary, what motivated Jesus, the human being, to walk a path of suffering on earth which required supernatural strength. They need to know what Jesus wanted to redeem people from.... For the human being is not aware of such great guilt, although his way of life on earth cannot always be called good. But he will only regard the events surrounding Jesus, as they are described to him, as a legend, he lacks understanding precisely because he does not know about the spiritual motives. He knows nothing of his great original sin, and even those who teach him mostly know nothing of it and therefore cannot make their teachings credible to people. Although all people will know that 'sin' was the cause of Jesus' act of salvation, they will not be able to understand that a human being had to suffer so horribly for his fellow human beings, who therefore would have to pay off their guilt themselves if they had become guilty on earth.... But that it was an original sin, an offence so serious that people would never have been able to pay it off themselves.... that it concerns the created beings' past apostasy from God and that this guilt was so great because it was committed in a state of brightest realization and was a direct rebellion against God is something people don't know, and therefore they don't want to acknowledge Jesus' act of salvation either. However, it can be easy for them if they are informed in absolute truth about the cause of the act of salvation and the mission which the man Jesus fulfilled with it.... if they are instructed about the process of the original spirits' apostasy from God and that people themselves are those fallen original spirits who are on the path of return to God but nevertheless cannot reach the goal without Jesus Christ.... and that Jesus therefore has to be acknowledged as the son of God and redeemer of the world.... They must know that God Himself accomplished the work of redemption in the man Jesus and how this incarnation of God is to be understood..... They are still in spiritual darkness and therefore cannot believe vividly, and the redemption through Jesus Christ is therefore not credible to them because they do not recognize its meaning and purpose, for only the pure truth gives them light about it, and in this pure truth they have not yet been instructed.... For even if people acknowledge Jesus Christ with their mouths and do not openly contradict when the redemption through Jesus is spoken of, this is nevertheless not living faith but only learned knowledge which they dare not contradict.... Yet they will profess Him with inner joy and also acknowledge God Himself in Him when the pure truth is presented to them, which presupposes an introduction into God's plan of salvation, the imparting of knowledge which can only be given to people by God Himself through His spirit. For only He knows everything, only He is aware of the spiritual processes which took place in His kingdom. Only He knows what underlay both the apostasy from Him as well as Jesus' act of salvation, and only He can introduce people to the truth, and He also does it, as He Himself promised when He walked the earth in Jesus. And truthful knowledge will also give people a bright light. And they will now voluntarily and consciously take their path to the cross, whereas previously they refused because they lacked full understanding.... The human being only needs to want to stand in truth, then it will also come to him, for God does not want darkness to dominate the human being, and therefore He will always kindle a bright light when such is desired. Only pure truth will ever emanate from God, and therefore His word must be listened to, and it will be easy for the person to believe who is of good will....


Translated by: Doris Boekers

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