7717 The way to the cross must be taken....

October 1, 1960: Book 81

All of you will return to the heavenly home, all of you will be embraced by My fatherly arms again, and all of you will be immeasurably blessed. This is certain for you who are still unfinished in the flesh on this earth or in the kingdom of the beyond. For one day the time will come when your heart will be aglow with love and press towards the father's heart, and then I will have achieved My aim which I set Myself when I created the spirits. And if only My love were decisive then the heavenly realms would have welcomed you all long ago, for I long for My children and want to make them immeasurably happy. But My love cannot act against My law of eternity.... And this demands the voluntary return of the beingness which had once departed from Me and had also distanced itself from Me of its own free will. And thus the path to ascent for you humans.... who are the once fallen original spirits.... of quite different lengths of time. It can be covered in a short time, but it can also require eternities, it can need several periods of development and also mean for you endless long times in torment and bondage.... But you will reach your aim one day. As human beings you don't know about the agonizing state of bondage, but I know about it and I love you and would like to spare you the agony so that you don't sink back into the same state again which you have long overcome as human beings. This is why I offer Myself as your guide on your earthly path of life, this is why I approach you on the pilgrim path in order to show you the shortest path which leads upwards. And this path leads to the cross.... The path of ascent leads to Jesus Christ, and anyone who takes this path will most certainly return to Me in the father's house, because Jesus Christ and I are one.... because you acknowledge lf Me Myself when you recognize Him and His act of salvation and thus allow yourselves to be redeemed by Him, Who has redeemed the guilt of your past apostasy from Me for you. This path has to be irrevocably taken on earth or in the beyond, the path to the cross, because then My love, which had to step back for the sake of justice when you fell, can become active again. But justice was satisfied through the man Jesus, in Whom I embodied Myself.... Thus My love has created the balance, justice has not been eliminated, for as a human being I took upon Myself an abundance of suffering and pain as a sacrifice of atonement for the great guilt which once was your apostasy from Me.... But your will must now also accept this sacrifice of atonement, your will must consciously request the forgiveness of guilt, thus you must confess yourselves guilty under the cross.... You must freely call upon the divine redeemer Jesus Christ for forgiveness of the guilt of sin, for His mercy and His grace.... You must take the path to the cross.... And then My love can take hold of you again, for you then recognize Me Myself, Whom you once refused to acknowledge, for He and I are one, I Myself redeemed you on the cross from sin and death in the human being Jesus.... And once you have taken this path to the cross, then your earthly progress will be complete, then the stage of development will have been reached which secures your entrance into the spiritual kingdom. Then you need no longer fear a repeated path through earthly creation, then you can ascend ever higher in the spiritual kingdom, My love will draw you and your love for Me will become ever stronger.... father and child will unite, and the beatitudes I prepare for My children will be unlimited, because My love is also unlimited and wants to give itself away eternally...._>Amen

Translated by: Doris Boekers

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