4531 Coming in the clouds.... Rapture.... End....

January 4, 1949: Book 52

And I will come to you to carry you into My kingdom.... Remember this promise during your hours of distress and wait for Me and My help, firmly believe that I will come as your Saviour when the adversity becomes insufferable. And don't be afraid, for I Am stronger than the one who wants to ruin you. You should know that it would be easy for Me to destroy him; yet nothing would be achieved by this for his many followers would continue his work if they were not destroyed as well. This, however, is not acceptable, for that which came forth from My creative spirit will continue to exist forever, it cannot cease to exist because it is everlasting strength from Me. Nevertheless, I will rescue you from his power by banishing him and all those who are enslaved by him. You, however, will be led into the kingdom of peace where you will live as if you were in paradise, until I return you to the new earth which you then shall populate according to My will. No-one will believe this promise, this prophesy, for when I come in the clouds I will repeal the natural laws by lifting you up to Me in the flesh before your fellow human beings' eyes who succumbed to My adversary. They will effectively experience something unnatural, which they currently don't want to believe in.

But you, who are My Own, you know that nothing is impossible for Me, and therefore you also know that I can stop or revoke natural laws if it benefits My eternal plan of Salvation, thus you also know that there will be an end and that you are living in the last days before the end. Consequently you do not doubt this proclamation either, which I imparted to humanity at the beginning of this period of Salvation. You consider it possible, and you should firmly believe it, so that you subsequently will be able to survive the difficult time, always thinking and hoping for my assured help and My coming from above. Regardless of what evil people will do to you, don't take offence, for they will receive their punishment which will be bitter indeed. They will see you being lifted up before their eyes while death is lurking around them and they will be unable to escape in any direction; they will be devoured by the earth and be granted a wretched fate on the new earth. You, however, will receive your just compensation, all hardship will have come to an end, you will live in freedom and with joy on the new earth amid a paradise, amid love and in direct contact with Me, Who will often stay amongst the people who have become love. And this is the end which was predicted by seers and prophets time and again, which was announced ever since the beginning of this epoch of Salvation so that humanity will believe. Yet no-one takes these predictions seriously, nevertheless, the day will come when all this will happen and the last Judgment will occur, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture....


Translated by: Heidi Hanna

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