7106 Disciples of the end time need power supply as light bearers....

April 29, 1958: Book 76

If you want to do real work as My disciples you can only do so by using My strength which constantly flows to you through My word. And furthermore, your actual work also consists of spreading this word.... Thus you must first take note of it yourselves, you must first experience the right training which makes you suitable for this work for Me and My kingdom. Hence I must address you Myself and introduce you to your activity, and you must remain in constant contact with Me in order to always be able to accept My instructions.... And these consist solely of bringing light into the darkness.... Thus you must become bearers of light yourselves, I must constantly be able to illuminate you so that the flame burns ever brighter and all those who want to escape the darkness can light a candle with you. But light is truth.... And the earth lies in darkness, people are far removed from the truth, and people's spiritual blindness is no longer able to find its way through error in order to arrive at the right truth. But it is not easy work for My disciples of the last days to bring light to people, to convey the truth to them, because the desire for it is not there and because they are content with knowledge which already deviates far from the truth. And thus it must first be explained to them that they.... in order to receive the right light.... they must request and receive it from Me Myself. Admittedly, I cannot always address people directly and therefore I need you as mediators. But only My word directly conveyed to you from above will give people the right light, and only this word will guide them into truth again, without which they cannot reach Me. Therefore I must convey My word to you directly, and therefore you, My disciples of the last days, must listen to Me again and again and immerse yourselves in My word, which gives you light and strength and thus creates the prerequisite to now also be successfully active for Me. None of you should believe that his teaching is complete, that he now knows everything that is necessary for the right vineyard work.... For the supply of strength from Me must constantly take place, and this takes place through constant acceptance of My word.... Thus you must constantly unite with Me and also give Me the opportunity to speak to you, be it in prayer or through mental dialogue with Me or also in consciously receiving My word, in listening to My instructions to you through My spirit. You must never ever loosen your bond with Me, if you want the radiation of light to continue, if you want the sphere around you to become ever brighter and more radiant and thereby attract countless souls to whom you can give light. But then you will also fulfil your mission on this earth, you will become true spreaders of My gospel, you will carry the light of truth into the world.... You save the souls of fellow human beings and also countless souls in the kingdom of the beyond from their spiritual darkness, and in the light of truth they will now also surely find the path upwards, the path to Me, Who is the light and the truth from eternity. And because especially in the last days humanity has little desire for the light of truth, therefore your activity will also be a laborious one which precisely also requires strength but which you will nevertheless be able to fulfil because you will never lack strength as soon as you draw it from My word, as soon as you draw from the living source.... as soon as you immerse yourselves in My word, which is constantly offered to you for the strengthening of your soul. I gave you an office.... and I will also give you the strength and ability to administer this office, for people's spiritual hardship shall be remedied as far as possible, and you shall and can help Me with it, for time is pressing. Therefore let Me speak to you often, consider all My words, take them into your hearts and thereby let the light of love in you flare up ever brighter.... And it will shine out into the night for the blessing of those who want to escape the darkness....


Translated by: Doris Boekers

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