5398 Last Judgment....

May 23, 1952: Book 59

Listen to Me when I speak to you humans through the mouth of a servant: An inevitable judgment is about to happen to you. Nothing can avert this judgment from you anymore, for the time is fulfilled, a period of Salvation has expired and a new one shall start again, so that higher development of the spirits will be able to continue, since it has considerably slowed down due the human being's free will, who is no longer aware of his real purpose and therefore does nothing to further his complete maturation on earth, who even frequently prevents the progress of the spiritual substance bound within matter because he is spiritually utterly unenlightened. You humans, pay attention to the call from above: The last Judgment is about to happen.... Your lack of belief will not halt it, for it was planned by My love and wisdom from the start, firstly, in order to help the still bound spiritual substance to achieve freedom one day, and for another, in order to place the more liberated spirit, the human being, into a state he has created for himself through his will.... Freedom or renewed banishment, blissful activity in the spiritual kingdom or languishing in the matter he himself desired during his life on earth. You humans, listen to Me and believe Me, you are approaching the end.... I already announced the end to you long in advance so that you could prepare yourselves. But now the time has come when My announcements will be fulfilled, now the day comes ever closer which will be the last day on this earth for all of you.... the day, when the external shape of the old earth will be completely changed, which means destruction and annihilation of every work of creation on it.

You humans know of this, because the prophesies about the end of the world did not remain concealed from you, yet you never want to associate this with your time, you never believe yourselves to be affected by it, until the day takes you by surprise. But I don't want you to be taken unawares and experience this day entirely unprepared.... And thus I keep giving you the information from above time and again, I inform you through a human being's spirit what is about to happen to you. I would tell you far more, but if you don't believe this then more knowledge will not benefit you either, because you would only misuse it for worldly gain and this would not help your soul. Nevertheless, you should at least know that you can avert the worst from yourselves if you appeal to Me for help. Even if you call upon Me at the last minute you will still receive help, although in a different way than you expect. I will send My angels to fetch those who speak My name with complete confidence that they will be helped, yet I will not thwart My eternal plan of Salvation.... it will proceed as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture.... The last Judgment will be the end of this earth, the goats will be separated from the sheep, the realm of the earth will receive all that pertains to Satan and I, as good shepherd, will gather My sheep and lead them to green pastures, the earth will be desolate and bare, without any life whatsoever.... it will wait for the working of My love and then new creations will emerge again which will reshape it into the paradise of Eden once more.... a new earth will arise which will be inhabited by a happy human generation, and all hardship will have ceased for those people who proved their love and loyalty to Me in the last days before the end....


Translated by: Heidi Hanna

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