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8695 Psychic receptions - Credibility....

Dec/09/1963: Book 91

You, who received My commission to distribute the pure truth, must also be informed about everything yourselves in order to be able to form a clear opinion about the value of spiritual conclusions which are advocated by your fellow human beings as truth. You should know that both valuable as well as worthless connections are being established with the spiritual world, that beings from all spheres of the spiritual kingdom want to make themselves heard by you, that they try to transfer their thoughts to you and that the human being himself is the determining factor of which beings will be able to approach him. And the desire for truth is always decisive but this is often displaced by the desire for experiencing the unusual, so that the craving to learn something unknown from the psychic world takes priority.... although with the best intention to act and think righteously and good.... Such opportunities are also used by the inhabitants of the spiritual world of light which want to lead people to the right path and thus also try to influence them to deepen their attitude regarding the spiritual realm and to especially draw their attention to the fact that love is the first and most important commandment. Therefore any advice to love can be considered as corresponding to My will. The purity and the will of the recipient who receives messages in a psychic state also determine the quality of these messages.... However, it also depends on the spiritual state of the circle of listeners, on their attained spiritual maturity.... And the flawed thoughts of an immature person alone are enough to enable impure spirits to slip in; they likewise make use of a medium in a state of trance and then often repel the messengers of light, because forces of darkness gather wherever the opportunity presents itself to speak through a human being who has given up his own will.... who therefore speaks in a psychic state of mind.... The purer the circle and the greater the harmony within as well as the desire only to be truthfully instructed the more credible will be the results, but then they will also concur with the teaching which is conveyed to you directly from above, thus their authenticity will be beyond doubt, for countless beings of light try to gain access to people from the world of the beyond and impart the truth to them on My instructions. Yet these beings of light will time and again try to influence people into establishing the connection with the spiritual world in an awake, conscious state, they will enlighten them about the 'working of the spirit' in a person and aim to encourage them to enter into heartfelt contact with Me, which will enable them to receive profound knowledge which cannot be conveyed to earth in a psychic way.... in a state of trance. For I Myself promised you humans the working of My spirit, and you can and should believe My Words.... But the fact that My adversary's working will also strongly come to light cannot be denied, and he will always make an effort to confuse the concepts....

He will use psychically inclined people in the same way in order to speak through them, yet only ever with words which lack all coherence, words which intend to feign wisdom but are sheerest nonsense.

You can put this to the test yourselves by questioning what kind of spiritual benefit you can gain from transmissions which, on closer inspection.... on the basis of My Word.... utterly contradict the truth. Then spirits will answer which are still unenlightened, which still possess a certain amount of worldly knowledge and.... since they diligently supported it on earth.... will also try to pass it on to people now. They enshroud themselves in the garment of an angel of light, indeed, they even use Jesus' name for their transmissions because they don't recognise Him as 'God' and thus avail themselves of a human name.... And although, in order to mislead people, they grant Him an exalted mission, they nevertheless only do this with the intention of stopping people from thinking correctly and to belittle Jesus' work of Salvation, thus preventing them from calling upon Myself in Jesus. They try to lead people completely astray about Jesus' mission on earth and My human manifestation in Him.... Transmissions from the spiritual world which fail to offer truthful clarification that a pure soul of light dwelled within the man Jesus, which so shaped the body that it could become an abode for Me.... that I Myself, therefore, accomplished the act of Salvation in Jesus and the complete unity of Jesus with Me took place.... that I and Jesus are one.... can always be rejected by you as error and as a deliberate deception by spirits in the beyond. They are especially active during the last days before the end in order to cause confusion in circles which want to do what is right but have not awakened their spirit as yet, so that it can grant them the gift of discernment in order to be able to keep divine and ungodly revelations apart....

People are unaware of the fact that they will always have to fight the forces of darkness, and specifically in the last days, because the latter want to prevent people from becoming enlightened, and that the only assurance not to fall prey to them is to desire the light directly from Me, and this sincere appeal to receive the truth will also establish the connection with Me, which then will also ensure your correct protection from the activity of these forces. But it isn't always love for Me and therefore for truth as well, but generally only inquisitiveness for an insight into spheres which are still closed to them. People know that earthly life alone is not the reason for the existence as a human being, and they certainly try to obtain information but believe that forces from the beyond will only ever instruct them truthfully and thereby only provide the adversary with more opportunities to confuse their thinking. However, it can help a person to think correctly if he sincerely desires the truth, if, according to his sincerity, his maturity of soul and his desire, beings of light enter such a 'spiritual communication', which certainly realise to whom they can convey pure truth. Yet they will always try to educate a person to the point that he will no longer require an aide.... no mediums which receive transmissions from the spiritual kingdom.... but that he shall establish such heartfelt connection with Me Myself in order to let himself be addressed by Me directly or to enter into contact with the right bearers of light who will impart the right and true spiritual knowledge, which he will therefore also recognise as truth, because he has already awakened the spirit within himself which will guide him into truth.... A person can certainly be warned about futile communication with the spiritual world.... But he cannot nor should he be prevented from it, because there is always the possibility that thereby he will come to believe in a continuation of life after death and he can also be shown the right path if he is serious about knowing the truth. Anything that reveals the will to act right before Me is good, yet first and foremost be warned of anything that only serves to satisfy the senses or to increase earthly knowledge, for no blessing will ever rest on it and a person like that will never be able to recognise the truth and always rather believe teachings which are still far from the truth and will never originate from Me. For this reason I Myself mentioned as a sign to recognise the truth of spiritual receptions the characteristic that you should check whether the enigma of My human manifestation in Jesus is revealed to you such as I Myself explain it to you through My Word, through the working of My spirit within you.... Reject that which does not correspond to My Word conveyed to you from above, no matter how many fine words are used to demonstrate a divine source to you.... My adversary also uses such words, he will stop at nothing because he wants to keep people in the dark.... because he knows that truth is a light which unmasks him and his activity.... And he will always seek to extinguish or obscure it....


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